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Saturday, May 01, 2010Y


as im typing this, im doing DBG [Drosophila.....] :x, opppps.
events that came and went by...

LSCT FOC 10'/11'!!!!!
FOC was an awesome awesome experience! running a camp aint easy, but GLs! wait, SGLs! we've done itttttt! :D [iknowiabitlateuh, butnvm :x] FOC isnt possible with just 1 person, FOC happened cos we ALL made it happen! special thanks to AAGLS,AGLS AND SGLS AND EVERYSINGLEPERSON WHO MADE FOC POSSIBLE! (loves)
i seriously wouldnt mind if FOC ran for a second time :x

and DAVY JONES! you guys rockkkkkk! :D


was last saturday, with unexpected showers D: but who cares about the rain when we had our own fun and "sun"! :D took a fair bit of photos, but im uber lazyyy to post them out :x opppps.


LSCT! 3RD PLACE :D! dance4fund was fun indeed! all the trainings and the few days we all chiong-ed together, both freshies and SGLs (:


holidays ended, time to go back to reality, SCHOOL IZ HERE! ._.!!

HIPPYANDHOPPY are fighting D: wts. got cheated by the petshop guy, saying that they wont bite/fight. and they are now living in their own separate apartments. :/ cos at the sight of each other, they fight and hippy bled -_-.

FLUSEASONIZHERE. and yes, everyone is falling sick, including me. antibiotics, here i comeeeee...

ohcrap, i shall get back to DBG.
till then,

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010Y

andddd...im here to revive it! :D


at this point of time, i really hope that everyone would take things seriously. its like, its no point regretting after things are done right? so we all should treasure the time we all have left to do serious stuff. think, we can make things we have to do a priority, we all have a choice. with this amount of time left, we know whats right to do and whats not right to do. just ask yourselves, AM I READY FOR THIS. you may say "yes", but maybe, if things happen on the day itself, you will realise how unprepared you actually were. there is still time left, so, WAKE UP FROM YOUR DREAM. and FALL BACK TO REALITY.

i promise to blog after im done busy-ing xD

Cari :D

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010Y

hey all! :D
im back w an update,i think that it would be a long one though..

first, EXAMS! well, exams are overrrrr [obvious] and i really hope i did well *crosses fingers*

went to wildwildwet~ and we both got sunburnt(i am peeling D:) but it was pretty fun, we spent quite some time there & it was our first time there :x hahahahas. after which, headed back to je, where my parents picked us up and went for dinner at soup restaurant (GINGER CHICKEN FTW) :D

then, TRAINING CAMP! which was from 27-28 FEB! :D
this training camp was one where i learnt many impt things to take note of/make use of in FOC (: and it was a really different experience from previous camps i've attended :D

well, this year, my 18th was a quiet one, maybe cause it clashed w both after exams and weekends and training camp too xD so didnt exactly had a celebration, but felt contented enough with chewy♥ and family♥ celebrating with me (:

now is the time we all prepare for LSCT FOC! :D with dance practice, meetings and all, FOC is just 4 weeks away from us! might seem long but it isnt. jiayou GLs! :D

my parents surprised me when i came back from training camp, as i came home to find 2 hyperactive hamsters running around my once empty cage after both Zwee and Zack left us. well, let me introduce them to you:

on the left is HIPPY, the fatty one and on the right is HOPPY :D the skinny one who runs like, nonstop in the wheel o_o" [they're munching happily on sunflower seeds]

say hellos to HIPPY! :D
& i cant get a shot of HOPPY, cause he CANNOT SIT STILL :@

in this post, i would like to sincerely thank EVERYONE OF YOU who wished me A HAPPY BIRTHDAY via various ways (Facebook, SMS, Singing me a song XD, calling me....etc) THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH !!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

and this is a very special card:

this card is very special to me, as Chewy got the help from my friends ( Kim and Amelia, THANK YOUUUU! ♥) to get everyone to sign it..(touched)

and the card is really really full with birthday wishes from precious friends♥ thank you all so much! ♥

and these are the headphones that chewy gave me for my birthday! :D THANK U DAR!♥♥♥
AND thank you Pearlyn AND Cheryl for the HP Pouch :D♥

all these things made my 18th birthday a memorable one (:

till next time,
Carissa♥ [oooh, theres tons of hearts in this post]


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Tuesday, March 02, 2010Y

its been a while since i blogged!
(due to exams and all that)
and it was my birthday yesterday (:
had training camp on 27 and 28 feb, where i learnt so so so much!

of new hamsters in dahouseeeeeeeeeee! (hearts)

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Thursday, February 04, 2010Y

well, its been ages since i last blogged eh.

my dearest, cutest and sweetest hamster Zwee, passed on yesterday. D:
his life was short,but all the times i had with Zwee, will always live in my heart. though i really wished that he was still running in his cage, but it was his time to go off, to another better place. he was my official first pet, together with Zack (whos munching on sunflower seeds now), other than fishes which my dad had when i was a child. the last few days for Zwee was painful both for him and for me, as he was really sick. on the day he died, in the morning, my mum told me he took a last walk around his cage, and consuming small amount of food too. as he walked, he fell and picked himself up again. when he was still active, he was still able to return to his cage himself, when we took him out. and there will be only 1 Zwee, though my family misses him, but he'll always live in our hearts forever :]

(dont mind me going on and on about this)

and here are a few of my favourite snapshots of him (:

in his favourite spot to eat,sleep and camp in :]
peeking out from his cage.
Zwee. ♥

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Friday, January 22, 2010Y

Whoa, its been a while since i've last updated :X

FINALLY! i've cleared (almost) all the projects! YAY! :D
after rushing like crazy for abt 2-3 weeks, presentations, research and reports are done, well,except for the new physio project (:

just had jap writing test yesterday >.<>:
arghs ):

another few more weeks and it would be final exam :/ pretty, worried, cos theres like plenty of unsettled stuff and tests!
just.another.few.weeks! :D
and its approaching end jan, like super fast.

*today, im just randomly posting, so i really dont know what to say :X

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Monday, January 11, 2010Y

Open House is Fun!!! :D

Carried a guinea pig around, which i dont know his or her name :X
i dont even know the sex of the guinea rabbit -_- but he/she is darn cute!!! <3
and shin dong the rabbit is cuteee :D
not to forget the fun i had with the people on duty with me on friday :D

Have a whole lot of stuff pending for me to complete, 4 projects, 2 down, 2 to go, tons of tutorials, and mycology test tomorrow >.<
hectic but definitely can clear evrything (: really hope that this week ends soon xD

and im damn scared for japanese >.<

and boyf is beside me as im typing this post! ahaha XD

off to clear more work! see you <3~

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